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An All Natural Nutrient Supplement for Sick and Stressed Dairy and Beef Calves

Calves have limited energy reserves that are further depleted when they become sick and stressed. This results in scours and the calves are then only provided with electrolytes in a water medium. This lack of energy can lead to other harmful effects:

  • Heat Stress
  • Weight Loss
  • Dehydration
  • Appetite Loss
  • Bad Bacterial Growth
  • Mineral Loss

During scouring and stress, calves lose essential vitamins and minerals. Loss of Appetite and decreased water consumption is common and results in weight loss and dehydration. The calves also suffer from a depressed immune system, which leaves them more susceptible to infections. Undesirable bacteria, such as E. coli, can distrupt the digestive system causing intestinal dysfunction.

Environmental stressors present challenges to calves and can be hazardous to their health. Proper health maintenance, with Recover™

Is essential in ensuring a strong healthy animal.

Recover™ is an oral electrolyte solution and nutrient supplement designed for the treatment of sick and stressed beef and dairy calves. Recover™ is formulated to mix easily in milk replacers, water for weaned calves, and as an oral drench. Recover™ contains all of the necessary vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, and nutrients to steadily and safely improve the recovery of debilitated animals.

Benefits Include:

  • Easily Mixed in Milk Replacer
  • Increase Water Consumption
  • Stops Scouring
  • Reduces Weaning Stress
  • Restores Appetite in 24 Hours
  • Reduces Pathogen Growth
  • Restores pH Balance
  • Replaces Good Bacteria
  • Provides Organic chelated Minerals
  • Restores Metabolic Balance


Directions For Use:

Each scoop weighs approximately .2 ounces. Therefore, there are 80 scoops per one lb of Recover.

Young Calves:

Mix 1-2 scoops Recover™ with two quarts warm milk replacer or water. Feed twice daily for two or three days.To further aid in their recovery, add 1-2 Scoops of Immuno Charge along with the Recover™.

To Use as a Preventitive:

Add ¼ -1/2 scoop Recover™ in warm milk replacer once per day. This maximizes health and improves animal performance. You can also add 1/4-1/2 Scoops of Immuno Charge along with the Recover™. Calves will begin eating starter rations sooner and develop their rumens earliers.

Weaning & Feeder Calves:

Mix in a ratio of 1.5 scoops Recover™ to 1 ounce of water (2lbs Recover™ to a gallon of water. Orally drench calves with 4-6 ounces of this solution. Smaller (2-4oz) followup dosages maybe necessary if the problem persists. Always use Recover™ and Immuno Charge (use the same amount as Recover™) when antibiotics are administered. Recover™ and Immuno Charge will help negate the negative side effects associated with the use of antibiotics.

Weaning & Feeder Stress Aid: Mix 1/3 pound (30 scoops) Recover™ with 128 gallons of drinking water. Use as the sole source of water for 72 hours. Sick and stressed calves will continue to drink water even though they have stopped eating.

Recover can be used on baby calves, weaning & stocker calves, feedlot calves, as well as mature dairy and beef cows.


Ascophylum nodosum, Mannan oligosaccharides, Prebiotics, Yucca Schidigera, Dried Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Dried Lactobacillus acidophilus,  Dried Streptococcus faecium, Dried Aspergillus oryzae, Dried Dried Hydrolzyed Fish Protein, Dried Aspergillus niger,  Dried Bacillus subtillus, Plant Derived Enzymes, Citric and Sorbic Acid, Aloe Vera, and Garlic.


What Customers are Saying:

“I have five baby calves that I’ve been feeding milk to for about six weeks. One day, my husband peeked in and asked why I was still feeding them milk. I replied that these were only babies and that they were only six weeks old. He couldn’t believe the difference! They are as strong as can be and have no signs of illness or scours”.

Trudy Horlacher


“We buy feeder calves at a cattle auction and raise them to finishing. The calves we get are under a lot of stress and in a day or two, they would get scours and many of them did not survive. Since we have been using Recover™ we’ve had no problems. We feel that Recover™ is an excellent product.”

Leon Ashenbrenner


“Remember when I had no calves to feed? Those were the days. I am up to 14 at present, all under one month old and they are doing fine. Two of the youngest calves were premature and never lost their appetite and recovered beautifully. I believe that Recover™ gave them that wonderful start that they needed.”

Margaret Reed

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  • How can so little of your products do so much?

    The key to using Innovators LLC products is to use them on a continual basis. This way your animal’s immune system is built up over time and the animals are able to combat assaults on their health much easier and to a greater degree. Another major attribute is that the nutrients are in a naturally chelated form. This simply means that nutrients are in a biologically available form that it easily used by the animal. Other products use inorganic forms whose availability is less than 5 to 15%. Innovators LLCs naturally chelated trace minerals are virtually 100% available to your animal. Therefore, you do not need large amounts of these nutrients in order for your animal to benefit.

  • If I added the Immuno Boost/ Recover to the water of my cattle or sheep won’t it just be consumed in the rumen and therefore not really benefitting my animals?

    . Research conducted by Fred Owens and others at Oklahoma StateUniversity has shown that 40-80% of the water consumed by cattle bypasses the rumen. If these nutrients are able to decrease rumendegradation they will increase the flow of nutrients which reach the intestines, thereby increasing intestinal digestion and absorption.Quoting Garza and Owens “For shipping stressed cattle, electrolytes,amino acids, and B vitamins in water should escape fermentation andpotentially could improve health status. Soluble protein, amino acids,vitamins, or electrolytes might be supplemented via water avoiding the need to select or treat these compounds to resist bacterial attack inthe rumen or inject them.” Nutrition can play a pivotal role in combatting stress. When a ruminant is stressed the result is areduction in ruminal fermentative capacity, which is accompanied by areduction in feed intake. A reduction in nutrient intake will accelerate the depletion of nutrient reserves in the rumen and subsequently body tissue. Therefore, if the ruminal environment can be maintained, stress can be kept to a manageable level. This is why Immuno-Boost does such a great job of treating sick or stressed animals. Remember, most animals that are sick or stressed will quit eating food, but will continue to drink water.

  • I raise baby calves and sell them when they reach weaning size. The problem that I am confronted with the most is scours and how to treat it. My vet has said to stop giving them milk and just give them an electrolyte solution along with antibiotics. They make stop scouring, but most end up dying. What are your thoughts?

    Great Questions. First off, a baby calf has very limited energy reserves. When you take away his energy source (milk replacer) the calf has only a short time to live. What Innovators LLC has successfully done is to develop RECOVER for baby and young calves (Has been used on all sizes and ages of cattle with great results!) Our research has shown (hundreds of calves have used this system with tremendous results) that with RECOVER you can still give milk replacer to the calves. We first drench the calves with 4-6oz of a RECOVER solution (You may need to drench them several times) and then add RECOVER to their bottle. I continually add RECOVER in each and every bottle until they are weaned. I have seen that the calves are healthier and grow faster. Their rumens develop faster and they start on solid feed much sooner. This problem with limiting milk replacer to calves is what forced me to look to a viable alternative. I would follow my vets instructions, the scours may be cured but most times the calf died. It simply starved to death? If you use antibiotics on the calves please include Immuno Charge in your drench and the first few bottles of milk replacer.

  • How do Innovators LLC product help my animal’s immune system?

    Innovators LLC products contain naturally occurring Immuno-stimulating substances which help build-up an animal’s natural defense mechanisms. In addition, trace mineral deficient animals may have compromised immune systems which can lead to stress and disease. Enhancing the immune response system will enable an animal to effectively fend off bacterial and viral assaults. The result: a stronger, healthier, and happier stress-free animal.

  • Why are all Innovators LLC formulas added to the water?

    Trace mineral deficient animals can exhibit numerous health problems, decreased performance, lower fertility, lowered immune response, and an overall failure to thrive. This results in stressed animals. One of the problems with stressed animals is that they stop eating, but continue to drink water. This is why Innovators LLC products are formulated to simply add to the animal’s drinking water. These all natural nutritional supplements deliver much needed critical nutrients in the water, thus helping to maintain gastrointestinal and/or rumen function and immune response.

  • Do my animals need any more nutritional supplements than what you provide?

    I carefully formulated Innovators LLC products so that they would address all the health and nutritional needs of your animals.. My goal was not to sell you as many products as possible, but to provide one product that affordably met and surpassed all the health and nutritional requirements of your animals.

  • We have a dairy farm with 300 calving in a year and 90% of new born calve in days 7 to 10 get diahrea disease. We feed the calve by herds milk 3 times in a day do you think useing RECOVER in milk is good for them and decrease the persent of happening of diahrea.Iamfrom iranand how can i buy Your recover from the nearest country

    Yes, Recover and Immuno Charge will help with scours. I developed them to work in the milk/milk replacer. Years ago I had numerous problems with scours in my calves. As with all Veternarians, I was told to stop giving them milk and just give the electrolytes, antibiotics, etc. Most of the time, the scours were cured, but the calves died from lack of nutrition. A baby calf has limited energy reserves and the milk/milk replacer is necessary for the calves. We have found that a combination of Recover and Immuno Charge has a synergestic effect on calves. I like to start the calves off immediately with Recover and Immuno Charge in their milk. If I notice scours, I will immediatelly drench them with 4 to six ounces of a solution (instructions on the website). I sell directly to the public. let me know how much you are interested in and I will get you a shipping quote. I thank you for your inquiry.

    All The Best,

    Dane Hobbs

  • Can I give recover to sheep?

    Yes, you can give Recover to sheep and any other animal as well. The amount of Recover that you will give, will depend upon the size of the sheep.