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Avia Charge-2000™

Avia Charge-2000™

$ 21.95

An All Natural Nutritional Supplement For All Species of Birds

Time and man has robbed our soils of their lifeblood; Trace Minerals. Plants grown on these soils in turn are micro-nutrient deficient. Therefore, the animals that consume these plants will also be trace mineral deficient.

The key that will unlock the future of trace mineral nutrition is bioavailability. Avia Charge-2000™ contains naturally chelated trace minerals, which are more biologically available to your birds than are inorganic minerals that are routinely added to their feed. Without biologically available trace minerals, birds can exhibit poor health, reduced fertility, decreased performance and lowered immune response. Stress results in the accelerated depletion of nutrients in the body. Severely stressed birds will continue to drink water, even though they have stopped eating. Avia Charge-2000™ delivers much needed critical nutrients to maintain metabolic balance and immune response.

Avia Charge-2000™ is an all natural water soluble powdered nutrient supplement scientifically formulated and developed to provide birds with 70+ naturally chelated trace minerals, 23 vitamins and antioxidants, 22 essential amino acids, health promoting probiotics, digestive enzymes, natural immune-stimulants and life essential metabolites. Avia Charge-2000™ has been used on every species of birds from the smallest (zebra finches) to the largest (ostriches). Prominent and Well Known Racing and Roller Pigeon Fanciers have been using it for many years.

Benefits Include:

  • Reduced Pathogen Growth
  • Replaces Good Bacteria
  • Reduced Stress
  • Increased Hatchability
  • Increased Fertility
  • Increased Egg Production
  • Improved Health
  • Improved Digestion
  • Improved Feathering
  • Stops Pecking

Directions For Use For All Avian Species:

Mix Avia Charge-2000™ into the water either manually, or by using a medicator or proportioner.

Adult Birds (Chickens, Ducks, Geese, Pigeons, Game Birds, Pet Birds such as Macaws, Parrots,etc.: Mix one scoop of Avia Charge-2000™ with one gallon of water. Provided only enough water for one or two days usage. Use daily for maximum health and performance.

Hatchlings & Young Birds of all Species: Mix 1.5 to 2.0 scoops Avia Charge-2000™ with one gallon of water. A higher dosage is helpful due to the fact that hatchlings consume proportionally less water.


Seaweeds, Hydrolzyed Fish Proteins & Oils, Plant Derived Enzymes, Lactobacillus acidophilus Fermentation Extract, Citric Acid, Aspergillus niger Fermentation Extract, Aloe Vera, Bacillus subtillus Fermentation Extract, and Garlic.

 What Customers are Saying About Avia Charge:

That is 101 chicks out of 104 eggs. We’ve never had that kind of hatching in all our 33 years of breeding our birds! The one thing that was really unbelievable was that they busted out of the eggs and the chicks weren’t weak. They seem to be much larger and fluffier and act more like a 5-7 day old chick than a newly hatched. This is a product that we wish we had known about years ago. It has really made the difference in our breeding program.” 

Kelly Klober


Our pastured poultry received Avia Charge 2000 from day one and grew rapidly. Our neighbor marveled at the health and disposition of our birds. His birds in 16 weeks dressed an average of 8 lbs. Our birds in 11 weeks dressed an average of 8.5 lbs, with some monsters at 9.5 lbs. Dressed! Our customers raved about the flavor and texture of our birds.”

John Mower


I have used it on pigeons and I am very pleased with the quality of the birds. The young are feathered out and ready to leave the nest at three weeks compared with four weeks before I started using your product. A friend had a 16 year old cock bird who hadn’t fertilized an egg in over two years. On Avia Charge, he raised 9 young birds out of 10 eggs!

Bob Bettis

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  • How do Innovators LLC product help my animal’s immune system?

    Innovators LLC products contain naturally occurring Immuno-stimulating substances which help build-up an animal’s natural defense mechanisms. In addition, trace mineral deficient animals may have compromised immune systems which can lead to stress and disease. Enhancing the immune response system will enable an animal to effectively fend off bacterial and viral assaults. The result: a stronger, healthier, and happier stress-free animal.

  • What nutrients are in Innovators LLC Products?

    If we are going to restore the health of our animals we need to provide bioavailable trace minerals. Innovators LLC line of all natural products provide your animals with 70+ naturally chelated trace minerals (this means these minerals will be biologically available to your animals), 23 vitamins and antioxidants, 22 essential amino acids, Health-promoting probiotics, digestive enzymes, natural immune-stimulants, and life-essential metabolites.

  • Why are all Innovators LLC formulas added to the water?

    Trace mineral deficient animals can exhibit numerous health problems, decreased performance, lower fertility, lowered immune response, and an overall failure to thrive. This results in stressed animals. One of the problems with stressed animals is that they stop eating, but continue to drink water. This is why Innovators LLC products are formulated to simply add to the animal’s drinking water. These all natural nutritional supplements deliver much needed critical nutrients in the water, thus helping to maintain gastrointestinal and/or rumen function and immune response.

  • Do my animals need any more nutritional supplements than what you provide?

    . I carefully formulated Innovators LLC products so that they would address all the health and nutritional needs of your animals.. My goal was not to sell you as many products as possible, but to provide one product that affordably met and surpassed all the health and nutritional requirements of your animals.

  • Does a via charge provide vitamin b.

    Avia Charge-2000 provides over 70 trace minerals and 23 vitamins and antioxidants, 22 amino acids, prebiotics, digestive enzymes, & natural immuno-stimulants. Vitamin B is included as well.