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Restoring Health to Animals - Innovators LLC

The continued use of man-made fertilizers and non-sustainable agricultural practices have robbed our soils of Nature’s most important nutrients; Trace Minerals. When our soils are trace mineral deficient so will be the products grown on them and ultimately the end consumers. Humans and all species of animals will be deficient as well. This creates a multitude of problems that cannot be overcome by simply adding inorganic minerals.

Inorganic minerals, on average, are only 5 to 15% available to your animal!

If we are going to restore the health of our animals we need to provide bioavailable trace minerals. Innovators LLC line of all natural products provide your animals with 70+ naturally chelated trace minerals (this means these minerals will be biologically available to your animals), 23 vitamins and antioxidants, 22 essential amino acids, health promoting probiotics, digestive enzymes, natural immune-stimulants, and life-essential metabolites. Innovators LLC products are all available in water soluble powder form.

Trace mineral deficient animals can exhibit numerous health problems, decreased performance, lower fertility, lowered immune response, and an overall failure to thrive. This results in stressed animals. One of the problems with stressed animals is that they stop eating, but continue to drink water. This is why Innovators LLC products are formulated to simply add to the animal’s drinking water. These all natural nutritional supplements deliver much needed critical nutrients in the water, thus helping to maintain gastrointestinal and/or rumen function and immune response.

In addition, Innovators LLC products contain naturally occurring Immuno-stimulating substances which help build-up an animal’s natural defense mechanisms. Enhancing the immune response system will enable an animal to effectively fend off bacterial and viral assaults. The result: a stronger, healthier, and happier stress-free animal.

All Innovators LLC products easily dissolve in water and can be simply added to the water or used with a proportioner if treating large number of animals. These products can also be added to the feed if the animal is still eating or if used as a preventative measure.

Don’t your animals deserve the best that Mother Nature has to offer!!

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