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Our Product Innovations

Did you know that animals that are deficient in trace minerals can exhibit numerous health problems, decreased performance, lower fertility, reduced immune response and an overall inability to thrive?

Prevent these harmful issues and give your animals the best that nature has to offer with water-soluble, all-natural mineral supplements from Innovators LLC. Our new and thoroughly tested, EquiBoost, is simply adding to your horse's feed.

Innovators LLC offers a comprehensive selection of all-natural, organic supplements and nutrients for all farm animals. All of their products are water-soluble, meaning that even stressed animals with decreased appetite will be able to absorb and benefit from the 70-plus trace minerals, 23 vitamins and antioxidants, 22 essential amino acids, probiotics and much more contained in the range of available supplements. These products will keep your animals healthy, and can even serve as an antibiotic alternative.

Products include:

  • Avia-Charge 2000 for all species of poultry/birds
  • ImmunoCharge, Mother Nature’s all-natural alternative antibiotic
  • Immuno-Boost to enhance your animals’ immune systems
  • Recover, an all-natural supplement for sick/stressed dairy and beef calves
  • Equi-Enhance, an all-natural nutritional and performance enhancing supplement.

Innovators LLC offers affordable $5 shipping on all orders under $40, making it easy to order organic, all-natural mineral supplements for your farm. International priority mail shipping is also available – contact Innovators LLC for international shipping options before placing your order. First-class international rates are already available.

Innovators LLC is always one step ahead – browse the website to find out why! Once you’ve found the right products for your farm, place your order online or call 979-830-5444 today with any questions.