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Immuno Charge™

Immuno Charge™

$ 26.95

Mother Nature’s All Natural Antibiotic

The use of growth-promotant antibiotics in feed is closely being scrutinized as consumers increasingly fear that their use in livestock feed results in antibiotic-resistant bacteria which are pathogenic to humans. Lack of antibiotic use can lead to other harmful effects:

  1. Bad Bacteria Growth
  2. Infection
  3. Reduced Performance
  4. Stress
  5. Weight Loss
  6. Mineral Depletion
  7. Scouring
  8. Dehydration

The solution to this dilemma is the use of natural products which have been scientifically proven to bolster immune response. Probiotics replenish desirable bacteria. Immuno-stimulants reduced sub-clinical infections. Organic acids inhibit pathogens. Enzymes enhance nutrient digestion. Environmental stressors present challenges to all animals and can be hazardous to their health. Immuno Charge™ promotes proper health.

Immuno-Charge™ is an all natural antibiotic enhancer. Use on any and all species of animals.It takes the place of growth-promotant antibiotics that are routinely added to feed. Immuno Charge™ increases the effectiveness and the efficiency of antibiotics when they need to be used for disease control. It also helps to eliminate the negative side effects associated with antibiotic use. Effective in alleviating and preventing stress.

Benefits Include:

  1. Improves Immune Response
  2. Reduces Stress
  3. Rapidly Absorbed By Body
  4. Reduces Pathogen Growth
  5. Add important “Good Bacteria”
  6. Restores PH Balance
  7. Restores Metabolic Balance
  8. Restores Appetite in 24 Hours
  9. Adds Vital Organic Chelated Minerals
  10. Stops Scouring


Directions For Use:

When taking the place of growth-promotant antibiotics in feed, mis one scoop Immuno Charge™ with one gallon of water or add to the milk replacer for calves. Use on a continual basis.

In addition, it can be used as a preventative when conditions are favorable for the development of stress or sickness. Mix one scoop Immuno Charge™ with one gallon of wate or add to the milk replacer for calves..

When sickness or disease occurs, use Immuno Charge™ in conjunction with antibiotics. Mix one or two scoops of Immuno Charge™ (depending upon the severity of the problem) with one gallon of water or add to the milk replacer for calves.



Mannon oligosacchrides, Prebiotics, Yucca Schidigera, Dried Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Dried Lactobacillus acidophilus, Dried Streptococcus faecium, Dried Aspergillus oryzae, Dried Aspergillus niger, Dried Bacillus subtillus, Plant Derived Enzymes, Citric and Sorbic Acid, Garlic, Echinacea and Ginseng.


What Customers are Saying:

“I can’t believe how healthy my chickens and ducks are since I started using the Immuno Charge™. Since my goal was to maximize production, I followed your suggestion and used it as a low level antibiotic. They are as big as can be and have no signs of illness. I believe that Immuno Charge™ gave me the edge that I needed”

Trudy Horlacher


“Being a contract breeder for a local hatchery, I routinely have a dozen or more different breeding flocks. As demand changes, so do the breeding flocks that I am given. These constant comings and goings continually expose my flocks to a wide range of diseases. As we all know, antibiotics aren’t what they used to be! Immuno Charge™ is responsible for making these antibiotics work! My problems are small and usually clear up in a few days.”

Kelly Klober


“Immuno Charge™ has been a life saver! I raise organic broilers and I am not allowed to use antibiotics. Before I started using your products, my death losses were two to three times higher than they are now. You are making me more money, enough said!!!”

Michael Roberts

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  • I raise baby calves and sell them when they reach weaning size. The problem that I am confronted with the most is scours and how to treat it. My vet has said to stop giving them milk and just give them an electrolyte solution along with antibiotics. They make stop scouring, but most end up dying. What are your thoughts?

    Great Questions. First off, a baby calf has very limited energy reserves. When you take away his energy source (milk replacer) the calf has only a short time to live. What Innovators LLC has successfully done is to develop RECOVER for baby and young calves (Has been used on all sizes and ages of cattle with great results!) Our research has shown (hundreds of calves have used this system with tremendous results) that with RECOVER you can still give milk replacer to the calves. We first drench the calves with 4-6oz of a RECOVER solution (You may need to drench them several times) and then add RECOVER to their bottle. I continually add RECOVER in each and every bottle until they are weaned. I have seen that the calves are healthier and grow faster. Their rumens develop faster and they start on solid feed much sooner. This problem with limiting milk replacer to calves is what forced me to look to a viable alternative. I would follow my vets instructions, the scours may be cured but most times the calf died. It simply starved to death? If you use antibiotics on the calves please include Immuno Charge in your drench and the first few bottles of milk replacer.

  • How do Innovators LLC product help my animal’s immune system?

    Innovators LLC products contain naturally occurring Immuno-stimulating substances which help build-up an animal’s natural defense mechanisms. In addition, trace mineral deficient animals may have compromised immune systems which can lead to stress and disease. Enhancing the immune response system will enable an animal to effectively fend off bacterial and viral assaults. The result: a stronger, healthier, and happier stress-free animal.

  • Why are all Innovators LLC formulas added to the water?

    Trace mineral deficient animals can exhibit numerous health problems, decreased performance, lower fertility, lowered immune response, and an overall failure to thrive. This results in stressed animals. One of the problems with stressed animals is that they stop eating, but continue to drink water. This is why Innovators LLC products are formulated to simply add to the animal’s drinking water. These all natural nutritional supplements deliver much needed critical nutrients in the water, thus helping to maintain gastrointestinal and/or rumen function and immune response.