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Helpful Hints For Using Our Animal Supplements


  1. All of Innovator’s formulas are water soluble powders. They are hygroscopic in nature. This means that they will draw moisture out of the air. This will cause the products to become “lumpy” over time. No worries! The quality of the product is still the same. You can just manually or mechanically (food processor or blender) break up the lumps until it is back in a powder form.

    To address this issue; I now individually vacuum seal each pound of product to ensure freshness and to allow you to buy in volume (thus saving you money). Being vacuum sealed, the product will last indefinitely.


  1. Keep your water fresh! When the weather is hot you may need to change your water every day or two at the most. You like drinking fresh water and so do your animals. During cold weather you can go two to four days before the water needs to be changed. You can further save money by not mixing more water than your animals will consume in a specified time. For example, if you have a one gallon waterer and your animals will consume only a half-gallon before it is time to change the water, only mix up slightly more than they will consume. Your saving will be considerable by the end of the year! In addition, do not throw this water away. I have many customers who collect the “old” water and save it in a five gallon bucket. They use it to water plants in their yard and garden. They have noticed that these plants greatly benefit by this mineralized water. These plants become bigger, greener and produce more.


  1. To achieve maximum health benefits for your animals, Innovator’s products should be used on a daily year-round basis. After all, you wouldn’t take your vitamins only a few times a year and expect the same results as if you took them daily. The key to improved health is prevention not treatment of the resulting symptoms.

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