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An Ounce of Prevention or I'll Wait Until Spring

             A nearly bankrupt and demoralized "conventional dairyman" reluctantly asked his neighbor, a successful seasoned grass-based dairyman, what he could do to turnaround his faltering operation. After going into great detail about the necessary changes involved, the perplexed "conventional dairyman" replied "Yeah, I guess I'll have to do that... I'll wait until spring". Procrastination, man's eleventh commandment, while not usually fatal, can seriously inflect damage on herd economics as well as health. The key to improved herd health is prevention, not merely symptom treatment.           It is generally recognized by sustainable agriculturists that the feeding of kelp meal prevents...

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Helpful Hints For Using Our Animal Supplements


All of Innovator’s formulas are water soluble powders. They are hygroscopic in nature. This means that they will draw moisture out of the air. This will cause the products to become “lumpy” over time. No worries! The quality of the product is still the same. You can just manually or mechanically (food processor or blender) break up the lumps until it is back in a powder form.To address this issue; I now individually vacuum seal each pound of product to ensure freshness and to allow you to buy in volume (thus saving you money). Being vacuum sealed, the product will...

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