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Restoring Health To Animals

Over thirty years ago, while working on my PhD. In Animal Nutrition at Texas A&M, I came to the realization that changes would have to be made in the way that we care for and feed our animals. Under University thinking I was told syringes and man-made products were the key to success.

I no longer believed that and began my search for making the health and welfare of our animals my number one priority. I did a world-wide literature search for several years trying to gain a grasp on what natural products would have the most significant nutritional benefits for improving the health and welfare of our animals.

The Sea was the overwhelming answer to our nutritional dilemma. I spent several years testing numerous products from the sea, as well as other natural products, until I achieved remarkable success.

“Rising like the Phoenix from the ashes” Innovators LLC was at the forefront of a new sustainable approach to animal health and nutrition. Innovators LLC’s goal was to produce a variety of nutritional supplements that would benefit all species of animals. Innovators’ supplements have been successfully used on almost every species of domestic and exotic animals. I am continually testing and developing new products for the future.

Don’t Your Animals Deserve the Best that Mother Nature has to Offer?